About Us

Who is Reaching a Generation?

Our goals as an organization is to invest our time and resources to assist the local church to further disciple the children in their communities in the most effective way possible.

Building strong relationships, and developing unique ministry strategies that meet the needs of our local communities is our commitment.

We want to empower people to see beyond their church walls, making it possible to reach every child! Through our various ministry strategies we are seeing people come together to reach a generation all across Southern Africa.

Reaching a Generation Learning Academy Staff

Jacques van Bommel


Reaching a Generation CEO and Facilitator: Jacques van Bommel. He is the founder and CEO of Reaching a Generation and Shikwaru Holdings. He is a pilot and has started RAG Zambia and Namibia. Jacques is in his second year working on a Masters Degree in Missional Leadership.

Dr. Sam Ndoga

Leadership Academy Principal

RAGLA Principal and Facilitator: Sam Ndoga. He is a Leadership Consultant – Passionate about raising up and training leaders in Africa who will spearhead transformational causes on the continent. Sam has an international footprint as a researcher and speaker.

Charmaine Manuel

Academic Dean

RAGLA Academic Dean and Facilitator: Charmaine Manual. She loves the arts and creative communication. She has a Master’s Degree in Ministry Leadership and has been a Children’s Ministry Coach and Missionary for 21 years – training care-givers and church leadership in Southern Africa.

Leon van Huyssteen

Community Liaison Officer

RAGLA Community Liaison Officer: Leon van Huyssteen. He was a managing director at Eskom for several years before pursuing a career in ministry. Leon serves as the Community Wide Outreach Coordinator for Reaching a Generation, building relationships with community pastors and leaders. He is designated as a Christian Religious Professional with the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners.

Anneli Wickham

Administrator and IT Director

RAGLA Administrator and IT Director: Anneli Wickham. She is pursuing a Degree in Business Administration. She leads the International Leadership Academy for Reaching a Generation and is the Chief Operating Officer for the Organisation.

Michelle Geldenhuys

Finance Officer

RAGLA Finance Officer: Michelle Geldenhuys. She has a Bachelors of Accounting Science. She loves numbers, therefore her love for finances.

Roelene van Tonder

Student Support Director

RAGLA Office Manager: Roelene van Tonder. She is a qualified nurse and served in the National Defense Force and in private hospitals. She has been with Reaching a Generation since 2008 working as Mission Teams Coordinator.