Learner Support

Learner Support

The Programme Coordinating Department, consisting of the Programme Coordinator and Module facilitators, support learners in their learning programme. Facilitators are available to answer learner questions around content and learning activities, giving regular feedback as learner progress is tracked online.

We understand that it is not easy to learn in isolation. The good news is that we have a student support culture which serves the needs of our students. 

A full time administration team, consisting of the learner support office, the financial office, Learning Technology desk and the Learner Resources offices, operate under the Academic Administration Department, serving learners from their enrolment process, through to their graduation.

General Help

For any general support requests that do not pertain to the specific categories below, please contact learner support at the following email address: administrator@ragla.org – Our learner support team is thoroughly familiar with most of the Academy’s operations and is eager to help.


The Academy staff can regularly contact students, motivating and encouraging them to persevere with their studies, but it is the local, personal friend or pastor who will fulfill the role of personal support. Our RAGLA office coordinates the mentoring programme.

Financial Aid

We offer a limited number of partial scholarships. Successful applicants will be invited to apply. Student loans are also available through FNB and Edu-Loan. Contact our finance office for more information.


An application for admissions form can be found on our Admissions page. Or email support@ragla.org for a form. Our office will contact you to complete the enrolment process. 

My RAG-LA Support

If you need help with the My RAG-LA online platform, our Learning Technologist is available to assist you: it@ragla.org