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KM-10 Revised Principles of Pastoral Counselling

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The main focus of the learning in this Module is to build an understanding of the key concepts, theories, principles and approaches related to pastoral care in an intergenerational Christian context. 
Whether the spiritual leader is the pastor or an elder in the church or is a church member who is called to conduct counselling, the helping task of this leader is to make the sanctuary of the local church available to persons or communities in distress. 
For the purpose of clarity, we will use the word pastoral, which could mean the actual pastor or someone who is in lay-or another ministry, who can be the career or helper herein referred to.
This Module covers self-care first and then pastoral care, (community care)  an umbrella term or role of church-based help, which includes lay counselling. This module further introduces pastoral counselling, which includes the elements of basic lay-counselling skills as the first level of support, before a professional referral. There are different levels and degrees of interventions starting with basic support, care, lay counselling, counselling and psychotherapy. 
Some spiritual leaders may advance their studies (to obtain a Degree, Master’s Degree or Doctorate) in the behavioural sciences, along with their theological studies and go beyond the scope of care and basic counselling, to practice as professional pastoral counsellors or Christian psychologists. 
Upon completion of this Module, the spiritual leader will gain exposure to the role of pastoral counselling and be able to offer support and basic care to the faith-based community as a community helper.

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