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    Discussion 4: Given a clearly defined set of challenges in a community, give examples of how a faith community could respond in a way that will confirm its understanding of its missional calling. Choose any one of the examples listed hereafter and discuss.
    Ensure that your response will focus on building bridges to overcome the challenges.
    Read what your peers write. You will vote for the idea you found most insightful.

    – Adolescent pregnancy
    – Access to clean drinking water
    – Child abuse and neglect
    – Crime
    – Domestic violence
    – Drug use
    – Pollution
    – Lack of funding for schools and services
    – Ethnic conflict
    – HIV/ AIDS
    – Inadequate emergency services
    – Inequality
    – Lack of affordable housing
    – Poverty
    – Racism and police brutality

    Grading Guide: Each learner is awarded 3 points for their own discussion and 2 points for interaction, dialogue or voting on another learner’s post. A bonus point is awarded to any learner who got a vote (6 points total)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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